Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clean Like A Pro Zep Sampling with Crowdtap #ZepCleansters #Sponsored

I was chosen to be a participant in the Zep Cleaners Clean Like a Pro Sampling through Crowdtap. I received some sample sized bottles of their All Around Oxy cleaner and degreaser and their Quick Clean Disinfectant sprays. I was very pleased with the results after cleaning with the Zep products. I used the All Around spray on my stove top after I had made a really awesome dinner and it was a disaster. I had boiled over water stains, burn stains, seasoning sprinkles and dust everywhere, grease splatter, sauce splatter and even a dried on caramelized onion. I sprayed on the Zep All Around spray, let it sit for about 1 minute then wiped away all the mess. I was really impressed with how quickly and easily the spray got everything cleaned. Even the onion that was stuck on the stove top came up easily without much scrubbing or effort on my part. I also used the spray on a red carpet stain. Not sure what the stain actually was, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was juice from my baby's sippy cup b/c they are always leaking. Once again, I sprayed on the All Around spray, let it sit around 1 minute then began to blot and scrub the carpet. I couldn't believe that it actually fully removed the stain. Once the carpet was dried, you couldn't see any trace of the stain at all! I used the Quick Clean Disinfectant spray in the bathroom. I used it on the toilet seat and all around the bottom, in the bathtub around the drain and on the sinks. It also did an amazing job at cleaning all the messes with little or no effort. I am very pleased with all the cleaning results from these products and I can't wait to try everything that they carry! I gave out the additional 3 bottles to family members and friends and have heard back from 1 person that they loved the results as well. If you would like opportunities to try out products like this, head over and join Crowdtap


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2nd Annual Hidden Valley Ranch Feast #Crowdtap #HiddenValleyRanchers #Sponsored

I was chosen this year by Crowdtap to participate in the 2nd Annual Hidden Valley Ranch Feast! I received a great Hidden Valley kit to make recipes of my own with and to share with my family and friends. I made several different dishes using the Hidden Valley Ranch Mix Packets. This first dinner I made was Cheesy Ranch Pasta with ground turkey and Ranch sprinkled Zucchini and Squash. The second dinner I made was Mozzarella Crusted Ranch Chicken breasts with Ranch sprinkled veggies. The last dish I made with the Ranch mix is Ranch Mashed Potatoes accompanied with Smoked Sausages. All the dishes turned out great and everyone enjoyed them. Even the kids loved eating all the veggies b/c they were coated in Ranch. I also regularly use the Ranch dressing on salads for my lunch, or a dip for things like chicken fingers, fries, etc. Hidden Valley Ranch and Ranch packets are amazing, they taste great and you can make so many different dishes with them that you could pretty much incorporate Ranch or the mix into dinner everyday without getting tired of it! I really enjoyed cooking with the Ranch packets and I can't wait to try out many more dishes using the Hidden Valley Ranch and Ranch seasoning packets. If you would like to get great products like these to test out, head over to Crowdtap and get signed up


The Hidden Valley #HiddenValleyRanchers Crowdtap kit

Cheesy Ranch Pasta with ground Turkey and Ranch sprinkled Zucchini and Squash

Mozzarella Crusted Ranch Chicken and Ranch Sprinkled Veggies

Ranch Mashed Potatoes and Sausages

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chap Stick dual-ended Hydration Lock from Smiley360 #PutYourLipsFirst #chapstickplease

I received a thing of Chap Stick dual-ended Hydration Lock from Smiley360 to try out. I really like this product. First off, I love Chap Stick, I mean who doesn't? It's been around for as long as I can remember and it's always been one of my favorite brands. I received the Day and Night combo stick and it works great. I love having 2 products in 1 package b/c I have so many different makeup products and it can get overwhelming at times trying to keep up with everything. I like that 1 side of the chap stick helps your lips during the day and has SPF to keep your lips protected, and the other at night keeps your lips feeling soft and smooth with the help of natural butters. I have been applying it when I first wake up and then again right b/f I go to sleep. My lips stay hydrated throughout the night and I wake up with smooth, soft lips instead of dried out and cracked. The day formula leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft for several hours after applying it and I think that's great b/c I don't have to reapply over and over and over throughout the day. Overall, my lips have shown improvement since using this product and I will continue to use and purchase it in the future. If you want to try products for free in exchange for your honest opinions, you should head over and join


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tazo Chai Tea Smiley360 Mission #SweetMeetsSpicy

I received some free Tazo brand Chai Tea to try out from Smiley360. Let me tell you, this tea is amazing! The flavors are awesome and aren't too weak or too strong. The chocolate tastes just like chocolate, the vanilla caramel like vanilla caramel, etc. The regular flavored Chai is really tasty as well. I love that this tea gives you a little boost of energy and is such a great treat. In the small town I live in, I could only find the regular flavored tea, but because I love it and the other samples I have received, I actually ordered more of the flavors online. If you are looking for a great tasting tea to enjoy by yourself or with friends, you should definitely check out the Tazo brand. This is their website... They have a great variety of Chai teas and other teas as well so everyone should be able to find something they love. They are available in either the filter bags or the concentrate that you add to milk. If you are interested in receiving free products to test out like this, join the Smiley website


5 Hour Energy Smiley360 Campaign #5HourGoesPink

I received 2 bottles 5 Hour Energy from Smiley360. They are running a special promotion right now on the specially marked bottles of the Pink Lemonade flavor. Right now, through December 31st, Living Essentials will donate five cents from the sale of every specially marked bottle of Pink Lemonade flavored 5 Hour Energy to Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation. They are giving a guaranteed minimum donation of $200,000! If you need a boost in the mornings, or any time during the day, you should give 5 Hour Energy a try. It gives you energy almost immediately and doesn't give you that "crash" feeling when it starts to wear off. I do have to admit that all the ones I have tried, including this flavor aren't the greatest when it comes to taste, but since the amount you have to take is small, just shoot it down and get on with your day. Be on the lookout for the specially marked bottles in your stores and help support those that are affected by breast cancer live more fulfilling lives after they have beat the disease. If you are interested in receiving free products to test like this and others, sign up for Smiley360 on their


Friday, October 10, 2014

Seventh Generation Natural Hand Wash in Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit scent from Smiley360 #SeventhGenHandWash

I received a bottle of Seventh Generation Natural Hand Wash in the Mandarin Orange and Grapefruit scent from I use many of the Seventh Generation products, including other hand washes and hadn't tried this one yet so I was happy that I was chosen to sample it. If you don't already know, Seventh Generation is a company with green products, including diapers, baby wipes, hand wash, laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, dishwasher detergent, fabric softener sheets and lots of cleaning sprays. They even have green beauty products and feminine care products. I currently use the hand wash, laundry detergent, diapers, baby wipes, dish soap and facial serum. One of the best things about the hand wash is that it is free of triclosan, dyes and synthetic fragrances. With that being said, let me tell you that this hand wash smells amazing! I love washing my hands with it and have a bottle in both bathrooms in my house and the kitchen. It leaves your hands feeling clean and soft and smelling nice. It's really cool b/c it actually washes bacteria away from your skin making it great for me to keep in my kitchen and use when I'm cooking and get meat juices and bloods on my hands and other bacteria as well. If you are interested in taking steps to live a greener life, then I would recommend Seventh Generation products to you. Everything that I've tried has worked just as well if not better than traditional products, but without all the unnecessary and harmful chemicals. If you would like to purchase Seventh Generation products or learn more about them, check out their website... If you are interested in testing out products in exchange for your honest opinions, you should check out Smiley360 and join their


Monday, October 6, 2014

Build A Bear Experience from #BuildABearFriend

I was chosen by to go to Build a Bear workshop and build one of the new super hero bears with my son. We went to the Build a Bear this weekend and my son made his Batman bear. He was super excited to get to go. Turns out the Build a Bear that was 45 minutes away from our home closed down and we ended up having to drive over 3 hours to the next closest one, but it was worth it. My son had a great time building and customizing his bear and he is extremely happy with the end product. My youngest son threw my camera in a sink full of water the day that we got back and all my pictures of being in the store and making the bear were destroyed :(....I just got my new camera and have taken a few pictures of my oldest son enjoying his new bear. My youngest son is also loving the new Batman bear and follows my oldest around everywhere he takes the bear. Even my dog is in on the action and has to sit on or near the boys when they have the Batman bear out. We had a wonderful time in the store and if you've never taken your child, you should check it out. Your child gets to pick out every single component of the bear. First they choose the type of bear/animal they want. Then they are taken to the stuffing machine and an associate will help with stuffing the bear. There are lots of extras you can purchase including heart beat, sounds, songs, phrases and even fragrances! My son chose to put the heart beat in the Batman bear and also chose to get the Cotton Candy fragrance added. All the components are inserted into the bear, he's filled with stuffing and then the associate sews up the back of the bear. We then went over to the clothing section and man, there are so many options to choose from. I was glad this was a Batman bear so it was easier and quicker to pick out an outfit than when you have a generic bear or animal. My son of course chose the Batman mask, cape and body suit. We then went to the computer to register the bear and get his certificate printed out. We also named him at the computers. It's so cool all the customization you can do, which makes it a unique experience no matter how many times you do it. This is a great place for kids to visit and it's enjoyable for adults as well to get to see all the children in the store having such a great time and fun experience. Posted below are pictures of Batman bear on some of his adventures and the new super hero bears that are available now in store. If you're interested in visiting a Build a Bear store or ordering online, visit you're interested in testing products for free and giving your honest opinion, head over to and join today.


Batman Bear playing XBox

Batman Bear watching a movie on the couch

Batman Bear taking a nap

Batman Bear hanging out on the couch

Batman Bear being squashed by the puppy

Batman Bear watching cartoons on the couch

Thursday, September 11, 2014

$100 Novica GC Winner!

I just found out I was a winner for a $100 Novica GC! I won the card from Posh On A Budget blog. I have wanted to get many items from this website for a really long time now and I wasted no time in placing an order. I can't wait to get my items in. For those that don't know, Novica is a website associated with National Geographic that sells handmade items from all over the world. I purchased items from Bali, India and Thailand (pictures posted below). They have so many awesome products, I'm sure I'll use up the rest of my gc in no time. If you would like to win prizes like this and other great items, head over to the blog If you want to check out all the great products that Novica has to offer, head to their website

Heart Puzzle Box from Bali
Purse from India

Wood Vases from Thailand

Monday, September 8, 2014

Corelle Dishes Winner

Just got my dish set that I won from Thrifty Momma Ramblings blog contest. I needed new dishes so this came at a perfect time! If you would like to win contests from this blogger, visit her blog and her FB page, she has lots of great giveaways...