Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weight Watchers Sponsored Super Bowl Party through Crowdtap #WWSociety

I was chosen to have my Super Bowl Party sponsored by Weight Watchers and Crowdtap! They sent lots of goodies for decorating for my party and also sent cook books which had great recipes for me to try out at the party. Well, unfortunately, my family came down with strep throat the day b/f the Super Bowl so I had to cancel all my party guests. My husband, 2 boys and I still had the party and I prepared the foods for us to enjoy while we watched the game. I chose to make the Cauliflower recipe, the hot dogs, cheese fries and the spicy cream blue cheese filled celery. Everything turned out great and it certainly didn't taste like we were eating anything that was actually good for us! My favorite food was the Cauliflower and my husband and boys enjoyed the cheese fries the most. I can't wait to try the rest of the recipes in the book, and will definitely serve the dishes at the next party I have where people can actually attend.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters Sample and Share with Crowdtap #DISCOVERBROOKSIDE

I was chosen by Crowdtap and Brookside to try out their newest Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters. They were really good, so good in fact that I only got 1 small handful to try b/f my boys ate the entire bag! They tasted great, loved the texture and the variety. It's fruit that's covered in dark chocolate and multigrains covered in dark chocolate, what could be better? I have tried the other Brookside products in the past and loved them, and now I will also continue to buy this variety. If you would like to be chosen to try free products as well, head over to Crowdtap and

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Campbell's Tasters Sample and Share with Crowdtap #DiscoverCampbells

I was chosen by Crowdtap and Campbell's to try out some of Campbell's newest products! They sent me an awesome package with coupons and lots of food products as well. I really enjoyed trying all the new stuff out and so did my family and friends! I got to try out new recipes, new food products and got to share them with others as well. I really loved some of the products, and a few others were just OK. I do have to be honest and say that there were 2 products that I didn't like at all, but overall, it was a great experience. If you want the chance to try free products and give your honest opinion about them, then you should look into joining Crowdtap at

Tested Product #1: Spaghettios Micros:

These were good, let my 2 boys eat them and of course they thought they tasted great. I mean, what kid doesn't like Spaghettios? The only thing that I personally didn't like was the packaging. You have to poke holes in the film b/f cooking and it was not easy at all to get the fork through. I had to stab super hard to get it through and it made some splatter which I had to clean up. The other packaging drawback was peeling the film back after cooking, if you look in the bottom right corner, the package says that it's "easy peel" well it wasn't easy at all, and in fact I couldn't get it to peel, I had to take a knife and cut the film away so I could get to the product. 

Tested Product #2: Campbell's Chunky Beer and Cheese Soup:

I was really looking forward to trying this out b/c I love beer and I love cheese so I thought that I would love the soup as well. Unfortunately, I didn't really think it was that great. The "beer" flavor that it had was way too strong and tasted like some super cheap beer like Natty Light, ugh it wasn't good at all. On top of that, the can was dented when it arrived which of course didn't have anything to do with the taste but I don't like buying dented cans so if I had seen this in the store, I wouldn't have purchased it. I was totally disappointed with this one and won't be buying this variety in the future. I'll stick to the other Chunky soups which I've always loved.

Tested Product #3: Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup:

Ok, so I thought this was a good one overall. It tasted good, and had a decent amount of veggies in it. I did think it needed a little extra seasoning b/c it was a tiny bit bland. The other thing is it didn't really have much chicken in it and it says on the package it is 2 servings, but it was only 1, there is no way that it could be 2 servings, so I do feel they need to change that. With that being said though, I thought it was good and will purchase it from time to time in the future.

Tested Product #4: Campbell's Skillet Sauces Creamy Parmesan Chicken:

I thought this product was really great. It tasted good, was very creamy and my entire family loved it. I took the recipe right off the package to make dinner and it turned out great. It was a quick and easy meal to prepare and I definitely will use it in the future.

Tested Product #5: Prego Light Homestyle Alfredo Sauce:

I typically don't like Alfredo sauce but was pleasantly surprised with this! It tasted great and was creamy like homemade would be. It made just regular spaghetti with turkey as the meat. Everyone loved it and I will start buying it from now on. 

Tested Product #6: V8 Sea Salt and Clam Juice:

Ok, I have to admit I have nothing positive to say about this at all! First off, the name itself doesn't sound appetizing at all, but it was the only new version of the V8 I could find at my local grocery store so I thought I'd give it a try and maybe it would surprise me and be good. Well....NO!! It was absolutely, positively disgusting! It tasted so nasty I wanted to cut my tongue off to get the taste out of my mouth. My son tried some as well and he literally threw up all over the floor from just one swallow of it. Needless to say I will never purchase this version of V8 again! 

Tested Product #7: Prego Roasted Garlic and Herb Sauce:

This isn't a "new" product, but I did receive some coupons and hadn't tried this particular flavor of the sauce b/f so it was new to me. I made turkey, sauce and potatoes with it. It tasted great! Everyone in my family loved it and I will start to buy this one along with the others that we regularly use. 

Tested Product #8: Campbell's Creamy Poblano and Queso Great for Cooking Soup:

This is a really good product. It tastes great and could be very versatile. It's spicy which I love and I decided to use it as a dip for chips and also put some on my burger. My whole family loved it although it was just a little too spicy for my baby who said his tongue was burning. Other than that, it was great. I plan to use this regularly in the future and look forward to trying out new recipes with it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clean Like A Pro Zep Sampling with Crowdtap #ZepCleansters #Sponsored

I was chosen to be a participant in the Zep Cleaners Clean Like a Pro Sampling through Crowdtap. I received some sample sized bottles of their All Around Oxy cleaner and degreaser and their Quick Clean Disinfectant sprays. I was very pleased with the results after cleaning with the Zep products. I used the All Around spray on my stove top after I had made a really awesome dinner and it was a disaster. I had boiled over water stains, burn stains, seasoning sprinkles and dust everywhere, grease splatter, sauce splatter and even a dried on caramelized onion. I sprayed on the Zep All Around spray, let it sit for about 1 minute then wiped away all the mess. I was really impressed with how quickly and easily the spray got everything cleaned. Even the onion that was stuck on the stove top came up easily without much scrubbing or effort on my part. I also used the spray on a red carpet stain. Not sure what the stain actually was, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was juice from my baby's sippy cup b/c they are always leaking. Once again, I sprayed on the All Around spray, let it sit around 1 minute then began to blot and scrub the carpet. I couldn't believe that it actually fully removed the stain. Once the carpet was dried, you couldn't see any trace of the stain at all! I used the Quick Clean Disinfectant spray in the bathroom. I used it on the toilet seat and all around the bottom, in the bathtub around the drain and on the sinks. It also did an amazing job at cleaning all the messes with little or no effort. I am very pleased with all the cleaning results from these products and I can't wait to try everything that they carry! I gave out the additional 3 bottles to family members and friends and have heard back from 1 person that they loved the results as well. If you would like opportunities to try out products like this, head over and join Crowdtap


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2nd Annual Hidden Valley Ranch Feast #Crowdtap #HiddenValleyRanchers #Sponsored

I was chosen this year by Crowdtap to participate in the 2nd Annual Hidden Valley Ranch Feast! I received a great Hidden Valley kit to make recipes of my own with and to share with my family and friends. I made several different dishes using the Hidden Valley Ranch Mix Packets. This first dinner I made was Cheesy Ranch Pasta with ground turkey and Ranch sprinkled Zucchini and Squash. The second dinner I made was Mozzarella Crusted Ranch Chicken breasts with Ranch sprinkled veggies. The last dish I made with the Ranch mix is Ranch Mashed Potatoes accompanied with Smoked Sausages. All the dishes turned out great and everyone enjoyed them. Even the kids loved eating all the veggies b/c they were coated in Ranch. I also regularly use the Ranch dressing on salads for my lunch, or a dip for things like chicken fingers, fries, etc. Hidden Valley Ranch and Ranch packets are amazing, they taste great and you can make so many different dishes with them that you could pretty much incorporate Ranch or the mix into dinner everyday without getting tired of it! I really enjoyed cooking with the Ranch packets and I can't wait to try out many more dishes using the Hidden Valley Ranch and Ranch seasoning packets. If you would like to get great products like these to test out, head over to Crowdtap and get signed up


The Hidden Valley #HiddenValleyRanchers Crowdtap kit

Cheesy Ranch Pasta with ground Turkey and Ranch sprinkled Zucchini and Squash

Mozzarella Crusted Ranch Chicken and Ranch Sprinkled Veggies

Ranch Mashed Potatoes and Sausages