Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pacific Brand Organic Soup Starters Tortilla Soup Base

As part of my Moms Meet group, I was able to receive samples of Pacific brand Organic Tortilla soup starters. The products came in a very nice package and I received both the Tortilla soup base, Refried beans and a $25 Visa GC to help me buy the fillers for the soup. The first thing I noticed when I received the package is that everything looked like quality products and very high end. I made a Tortilla soup for my group and served it during one of our play date meetings. The soup turned out delicious and the soup base really made it more flavorful than other stocks that I have used in the past. I really like that Pacific products are all natural and every product is certified USDA Organic. This product is also vegan, gluten free, and fat free! Pacific products are also made in the USA and they track every ingredient to ensure food safety and traceability which I think is really awesome. The package is also recyclable which is always a plus.

If you want to try great natural and organic products like this one, then you should join the Moms Meet online community by going to

*I received free products as part of Moms Meet, but was not required to do a post and all opinions are my own! :)

Received my Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables

I was a winner last month for the right at home monthly instant win contest. I just received my prize, a Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables. This kit alternates between 2 different fragrances daily. I received the Apple Cinnamon and Lavender & Peach Blossom fragrances with mine. I can't wait to use it! You can go to and enter their daily instant win contests, there is one every month and not only did I win this last month, but I have also won their prize for this month already! :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Got my Build a Bear GC...Thanks to

I won a $25 Build a Bear GC from Save More, Spend Less with Heidi last week and the card arrived today! Thanks so much and be sure to enter some of her other contests at

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I won $25 Build A Bear GC yay!

I won the Frosty The Snowman Review and Giveaway over at  I can't wait to get it in i'm so happy! Head over to the blog and enter some of the other great contests that she has to offer and maybe you can be a winner too! :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Starkist Tuna Creations Sampling #Crowdtap #TeamTuna

I really enjoyed this sample and share that I received from +Crowdtap and +StarKistCo . I hadn't tried this flavor of the starkist tuna creations. I made myself a salad with spinach, onions, tomato, cheese, olives and honey catalina dressing. I added the tuna packet and was surprised at how much tuna was in there. I had a pretty large salad when I tried it out and the tuna was still noticeable even with all the other ingredients. I thought it tasted great and I was very happy to see on the package that there were only 80 calories per package! I'll definitely be buying these in the future. These are great for everyone in the family and makes it easy to add tuna to your meals without the mess of draining from cans.

*I received a sample of StarKist Tuna Creations b/c I am a member of Crowdtap. I was not required to write a review and all opinions are my own :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Truvia Natural Sweetner Sampling #Crowdtap #SweetSwitch

I received samples of Truvia Natural Sweetner to sample and share from +Crowdtap. I have Truvia in the house already but haven't really shared any information about it with my family and friends so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I received 4 single use packets and 2 coupons. I gave the samples out to 4 different family members and friends and distributed the coupons to 2 others as well. I asked that 1 of the sample recipients (my neighbor) to try Truvia out right from the package and let me know what she thought of it. She tried it and said that not only did it taste very similar to sugar, but she thought it might actually taste a little better than traditional sugar. One of the things that +Crowdtap and +Truvia Sweetener wanted me to do was a #SweetSwitch where I switched normal sugar with Truvia and see what the recipients response would be. I decided to do the #SweetSwitch on my oldest son since kids will always tell you what they think honestly lol. Since it's been cold the past few weeks, I have been making my son hot tea in the mornings on the weekends. I decided to do the switch with the tea this morning. I made it like normal, but instead of using sugar, I used Truvia. I waited until my son was finished drinking the tea and asked him how it was. He said it was really tasty and wanted more. I make him another cup and grabbed the Truvia to sweeten it with. He told me he didn't want that, he wanted the sugar that I usually used to sweeten his tea. I told him that I had just used the Truvia in his tea and he couldn't even tell the difference. He looked kind of shocked and said he didn't even know I had used something different and the tea was just as good so he guessed it was OK for me to use the Truvia in his teas from now on. The thing that I really like about Truvia Natural Sweetner opposed to artificial sweetners is that it is a natural form of sweetness without any kind of chemicals added. It's like a "sugar" itself. We don't use artificial sweetners in this house, just real sugar and Truvia Natural Sweetner.

*I received samples of this products from +Crowdtap but was not required to write a review, and all opinions are my own!