Monday, September 2, 2013

Step 2 Easy Turn Coupe (Green)

When I entered the Step 2 Saving Tiny Hearts Society Gala Countdown giveaway, I didn't really think I would win. Well, turns out...I did! Yay! I won the Step 2 Easy Turn Coupe in my choice of color, pink or green. I chose the green. What perfect timing, my youngest son was turning 1 and I knew this would be the perfect present for him. When I received the Coupe I was very excited and wanted to open it and assemble it immediately, so I told my husband to get to it lol. He was able to get it assembled rather quickly, but he did have an electric drill. If he didn't have this, I think it may have taken a little while longer, but overall it was fairly quick and easy to assemble. Once it was all put together, my oldest son decided he wanted to put all the sticker decals on for his little brother. He did a good job with it and for the most part the decals went on straight and were easy to smooth out and remove the air bubbles. The first thing that I noticed is the more modern style that this coupe has compared to the other ones on the market. It also comes in 2 colors, pink and green which is a nice change from the red ones that have been available forever now. The Easy Turn Coupe has many features that others don't have. It has a removable floor board which I think is just great b/c my youngest son who the Coupe was for is too young to push himself along. We put the floor in right now and he sits and rides in it all day. Another good feature is that the top is see through instead of a solid piece of plastic. Since this is geared more towards pushing similar to a stroller, it's really nice to be able to look down and see what the little one is doing. There is a handle on the back of the Coupe that makes it easy to push like you would a stroller. So far, we have really enjoyed strolling around the neighborhood in the Coupe and both my oldest and youngest son like to ride around in it outside. We mainly keep it in the house and even though it's not small by any means, it has a really slim design so it doesn't take up very much space. Perhaps the best feature of the Easy Turn Coupe is the small wheel in the front that actually allows it to turn and maneuver with ease. I remember my oldest son had a competitors brand coupe car and it didn't turn well at all and was very hard to push b/c it would just go any which way so you really didn't have any control. Well, this one is a polar opposite. The front wheel allows the Coupe to turn with ease and it also very easy to control and maneuver. In fact one of my boys' favorite things to do with it is 360's in the living room, it will pretty much turn on a dime. There are also several cup holders, both front and back that make it convenient for both the child and the person that is pushing them to easily access their drinks. Some other features that really don't effect the performance but are still fun are the turning steering wheel with a horn. This is my sons favorite feature of the car, he likes to just sit in it and beep the horn even if nobody is pushing him. There is a gas cap that opens and closes, a key that turns and makes a clicking noise and a storage "trunk" in the front of the Coupe that objects can be stored in. Also, the drivers side door opens and closes which makes it really easy to enter and exit. Overall, I am really pleased with the Step 2 Easy Turn Coupe. It has provided hours of fun for both my boys so far and has held up perfectly with no damages. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting their child a coupe. The turning wheel really makes this coupe better than the others that are available and I think the newer style and colors of this coupe puts it ahead of others as well.

*I received no compensation for this review, all the opinions are my own

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