Thursday, October 17, 2013

Liberty Hardware Wall Plate Giveaway Sweepstakes Winner! :) + You could win also (link included)

I won my choice of wall plate covers yay! I chose the Venetian Bronze beaded plates, but there were several to choose from so I'm sure you could find something that would look great in your home. I will receive 1 single switch and 2 outlet wall plates. I have actually been eyeing these on Amazon for a while now and was saving up to replace all the plates in my house. I am so excited to receive these b/c they will let me know if I actually want to replace all my existing ones with these and if I for some reason don't like them, then I have saved myself a good chunk of money. If you want to win some of your own then go to their Facebook page and enter!...!/LibertyHardware 

UPDATE 10/28/13: I received the plates and I really like them! The color and beading detail makes them look really nice, they are heavy, and made from quality materials. I am really excited to replace some of my old ones with these :)

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