Monday, October 6, 2014

Build A Bear Experience from #BuildABearFriend

I was chosen by to go to Build a Bear workshop and build one of the new super hero bears with my son. We went to the Build a Bear this weekend and my son made his Batman bear. He was super excited to get to go. Turns out the Build a Bear that was 45 minutes away from our home closed down and we ended up having to drive over 3 hours to the next closest one, but it was worth it. My son had a great time building and customizing his bear and he is extremely happy with the end product. My youngest son threw my camera in a sink full of water the day that we got back and all my pictures of being in the store and making the bear were destroyed :(....I just got my new camera and have taken a few pictures of my oldest son enjoying his new bear. My youngest son is also loving the new Batman bear and follows my oldest around everywhere he takes the bear. Even my dog is in on the action and has to sit on or near the boys when they have the Batman bear out. We had a wonderful time in the store and if you've never taken your child, you should check it out. Your child gets to pick out every single component of the bear. First they choose the type of bear/animal they want. Then they are taken to the stuffing machine and an associate will help with stuffing the bear. There are lots of extras you can purchase including heart beat, sounds, songs, phrases and even fragrances! My son chose to put the heart beat in the Batman bear and also chose to get the Cotton Candy fragrance added. All the components are inserted into the bear, he's filled with stuffing and then the associate sews up the back of the bear. We then went over to the clothing section and man, there are so many options to choose from. I was glad this was a Batman bear so it was easier and quicker to pick out an outfit than when you have a generic bear or animal. My son of course chose the Batman mask, cape and body suit. We then went to the computer to register the bear and get his certificate printed out. We also named him at the computers. It's so cool all the customization you can do, which makes it a unique experience no matter how many times you do it. This is a great place for kids to visit and it's enjoyable for adults as well to get to see all the children in the store having such a great time and fun experience. Posted below are pictures of Batman bear on some of his adventures and the new super hero bears that are available now in store. If you're interested in visiting a Build a Bear store or ordering online, visit you're interested in testing products for free and giving your honest opinion, head over to and join today.


Batman Bear playing XBox

Batman Bear watching a movie on the couch

Batman Bear taking a nap

Batman Bear hanging out on the couch

Batman Bear being squashed by the puppy

Batman Bear watching cartoons on the couch

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